A Series of Books on Universal Patterns and Relationships
published by Wooden Books

A wonderful introduction to sacred geometry, the intricate patterns of the planetary motions, geomysticism and esoteric wisdom, this beautiful series of nine books is published in the UK under the imprint of "Wooden Books." Released in the States as compact hardcover editions, these little gems pack an incredible amount of information into a small format with one page of text and one page of illustration per topic! (See sample spread)

Covering a vast landscape in a playful and unintimidating style they are perfect complements to the more weighty Cymatics book and Power of Limits. In the words of publisher John Martineau, these books are dedicated "To people who have tragically grown up in a world devoid of a magical cosmology." Like the arcane medieval texts they draw from, this series revels in the mystery of life's infinite unfolding, while revealing the hidden artistry implicit within the complexity of the cosmos.

There are currently 9 titles in this series (with more to come!). They are available individually ($10 each) or you may order any 9 for $90 or you may order any 6 for $50. Please remember to calculate the shipping charges for each item. For example, if ordering the set, please calculate shipping charges as nine items.

Useful Mathematical and Physical Formulae by Matthew Watkins

A Little Book Of Coincidence by John Martineau

Sacred Geometry by Miranda Lundy

Sun, Moon, & Earth by Robin Heath

Platonic & Archimedean Solids by Daud Sutton

Stonehenge by Robin Heath

Li: Dynamic Form In Nature by David Wade

Harmonograph by Anthony Ashton

Essential Elements by Matt Tweed


Useful Mathematical and Physical Formulae
by Matthew Watkins

A compact volume of mathematical and physical formulae presented in a concise manner for general use. Collected in this book are commonly used formulae for studies such as quadratics, calculus and trigonometry; in addition are simplified explanations of Newton's Laws of Gravity and Snell's Laws of Refraction.

A glossary, a table of mathematical and physical constants, and a listing of Imperial and Metric conversions is also included.

Matthew Watkins is a musician and mathematician.
Illustrator Matthew Tweed is a musician and producer.

Format: Hardcover; Price: $10.00; 64 pages


A Little Book Of Coincidence
by John Martineau

A most unusual guide to the solar system, A Little Book of Coincidence suggests that there may be fundamental relationships between space, time, and life that have not yet been fully understood. From the observations of Ptolemy and Kepler to the Harmony of the Spheres and the hidden structure of the solar system, John Martineau reveals the exquisite orbital patterns of the planets and the mathematical relationships that govern them. A table shows the relative measurements of each planet in eighteen categories, and three pages show the beautiful dance patterns of thirty six pairs of planets and moons.

Format: Hardcover; Price: $10.00; 64 pages


Sacred Geometry
by Miranda Lundy

Geometry is one of a group of special sciences - Number, Music and Cosmology are the others - found identically in nearly every culture on earth. In this small volume, Miranda Lundy presents a unique introduction to this most ancient and timeless of universal sciences.

Sacred Geometry demonstrates what happens to space in two dimensions - a subject last flowering in the art, science and architecture of the Renaissance and seen in the designs of Stonehenge, mosque decorations and church windows. With exquisite hand-drawn images throughout showing the relationship between shapes, the patterns of coin circles, and the definition of the golden section, it will forever alter the way in which you look at a triangle, hexagon, arch, or spiral.

Miranda Lundy is a designer and artist. She lives and works in Cornwall, England.

Format: Hardcover; Price: $10.00; 64 pages


Sun, Moon, & Earth

by Robin Heath

Every organism on Earth responds to four major cycles: the solar and lunar day, the synodic month and the year. We all dance to these primary rhythms. This book reveals the poetic cosmology that lies within the cycles of the Sun and Moon as seen from the Earth.

Experience the uniquely connected universe that Robin Heath presents; solstices, eclipses and equinoxes all concisely described and illustrated. The timeless beauty of our universe has never been more apparent or intriguingly simple.

Author and illustrator Robin Heath is a mathematician and engineer.

Format: Hardcover; Price: $10.00; 64 pages



Platonic & Archimedean Solids

by Daud Sutton

Whereas Sacred Geometry introduced readers to two-dimensional forms, Platonic & Archimedean Solids presents the world of three dimensions, which was understood as early as neolithic time. Daud Sutton elegantly explores the eighteen forms—from the cube to the octahedron and icosidodecahedron—that are the universal building blocks of three-dimensional space, and shows the fascinating relationships between them. For anyone interested in design, architecture, and mathematics, this will be a delight.

Format: Hardcover; Price: $10.00; 64 pages


by Robin Heath

Once part of a large culture of stone circles, Stonehenge—built around 3000 B.C. and developed over the next 1,500 years—is the most famous. The remains of a once-wealthy and evidently learned tribal community, it reflects the apparently disparate subjects of archaeology, astronomy, metrology, sacred geometry, and even shamanism. How were eclipses predicted at Stonehenge? Why were some stones brought all the way from Wales? What is the secret geometry of seven eights? These and many other questions are answered—and Stonehenge's secrets revealed—in this fascinating small book.

Format: Hardcover; Price: $10.00; 64 pages



Li: Dynamic Form in Nature
by David Wade

Architect David Wade has spent a lifetime gathering and organising the extraordinary families of surface patterns that nature throws up at every scale. The study of these shapes was known in ancient China as Li, and was the sister science to Feng Shui. It is a subject virtually unknown in the West. In this delightful book, illustrated to a phenomenally high standard by the author, we see branching patterns, animal spots, crack patterns and much much more.

  • Sand and wave patterns
  • Big cat markings
  • Branching types
  • Bark and leaf designs
  • Soap and marbling swirls
  • An introduction to phylotaxis, the often five-fold structure of growing plant forms
  • Speckle families
  • Maze-like structures
  • Crystaline and rock forms
  • Appendix of animal markings

This is a truly exciting, unusual and fascinating book, and to our knowledge the first time this subject has ever been presented. It will appeal to scientists and artists alike and has far-reaching applications in graphic design, architecture and other visual arts and sciences. This is the first Wooden Book to deal solely with irregular forms, and brings an enticing and enigmatic new edge to the series.

Format: Hardcover; Price: $10.00; 58 pages


A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music
by Anthony Ashton

This book is an introduction to the evolution of simple harmonic theory, from Pythagoras, through Just Tuning to Equal Temperament.

The magical world of musical harmony is introduced with the alchemical systems of Robert Fludd's Divine Monochord and the Pythagorean seven-note systems

  • Examine the way the modern tuning system produces its own geometrical patterns
  • Breathtaking Harmonograph drawings show the octave as triangle, the fifth as pentagram and more
  • Clear diagrams show the elementary principles of harmonics, overtones and the monochord
  • New visual depiction of Amplitude in harmony
  • Resonance theory and beautiful Chladni pictures are examined
  • Complete appendix of Lissajous figures
  • How to build your own Harmonograph

This beautiful and inspiring book will appeal to musicians, mathematicians, designers and artists. To our knowledge it is the first book of its kind.

Format: Hardcover; Price: $10.00; 58 pages


Essential Elements:
From Alchemy to the Periodic Table
by Matt Tweed

A small dense introduction to the history of the elements. From the four elements of antiquity, to the five Chinese elements and the seven metals, and on to Mendeleyev's discovery of the periodic table, this book introduces the reader to the complex and beautiful world of the particles of which everything is made.

  • Covers the formation of the elements in the big bang and stars
  • Exciting visual ways of presenting the periodic table
  • Gazeteer of the elements shows the octave system and the principle properties of many familiar and not so familiar substances
  • Atomic bonding and crystal structures examined and explained
  • DNA
  • Radioactivity and isotopes
  • Subatomic particles and introductory quantum mechanics
  • An examination of the latest theories about 'what makes matter'
  • Extensive appendices feature constants, carbon chemistry and orbital shapes
  • This is a wonderful book for anyone with a passing interest in the tiny building blocks of our universe. Most of the information in it will not date.

Attractive, clear diagrams throughout by the author, make light work of an often complex subject. This book will appeal to high-school students and alchemists of all ages.

Format: Hardcover; Price: $10.00; 58 pages



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