NEW Brand new book of poetry by Jeff Volk.
The Ambiguity of Autumn: Poems of Love, Longing and Transcendence,
Award-winning video producer and science publisher, Jeff Volk, turns his gaze inward in this poignant and penetrating poetic storybook, exploring the dynamics of a seemingly intractable relationship. The poems are intensely personal, ranging from playful to painful, yet the themes explored pertain to all who dare to live life fully, to feel deeply, and to dive fearlessly into that mysterious milieu of love, longing, and the promise of transcendence.

NEW Water Sound Images, highlights new experiments and amazing photographs by a contemporary German researcher, Alexander Lauterwasser. This is a 176 page hardcover edition with hundreds of color photos, presenting the art, science and mystical side of Cymatics. {Read Book Review}

Cymatics - A Study of Wave Phenomena: (oversized hard cover book edition) by Dr. Hans Jenny.
This book graphically details his experiments in animating inert substances with sound. These intricate and fascinating forms are portrayed in hundreds of B&W and color close-up photos and color plates. The text describes in detail how the images were produced, and their significance within the science of wave phenomena (cymatics).

From Star to Cell - A Sound Structure for the Twenty-First Century: by Fabien Maman
A series of 4 books published by The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement. The books are short in length, but packed with new and unique information. Full color illustrations in every book.

Book 1: The Role of Music in the Twenty-First Century
Book 2:
Raising Human Frequencies - The Way of Chi and the Subtle Bodies
Book 3:
Sound and Acupuncture - The Body as a Harp
Book 4:
Healing with Sound, Color and Movement - Nine Evolutionary Healing Techniques

Acutonics® There’s No Place Like Ohm, Sound Healing, Oriental Medicine and the Cosmic Mysteries: This book will change the way you view Oriental Medicine, Sound Healing and the Cosmos. History, science, mysticism, and healing are interwoven in this rich and instructive text. Reaching back to ancient views of the Universe and the Sumerian and Taoist teachings it explores the Great Theme and reunites us with a greater understanding of the Music of the Spheres.

Mandala - Jouney to the Center: by Bailey Cunningham
This Book is Out of Print. Please Order the Revised Edition

The Mandala Book: Patterns of the Universe by Bailey Cunningham The Mandala Book is a visual symphony, filled with 500 stunning mandalic images found throughout nature, art and architecture. Drawing from history, science, religion, and the arts, Lori Bailey Cunningham leads a journey that spans from prehistoric petroglyphs to Carl Jung, from tiny particles of matter to entire galaxies. She explains the concepts of mandalas, showing how they are at the root of life itself.

Messages from Water Vol 1 and 2
by Masaru Emoto
These fascinating books document hundreds of ice crystal patterns photographed in a special "cold laboratory" in Japan from 1994 to 1999.

Music, the Brain and Ecstasy: by Robert Jourdain
This book is composed as a "way in" to the musical experience, gracefully guiding us along the sonic continuum from harmony...right on through to ecstasy!

Music & Sound in the Healing Arts: by Dr. John Beaulieu
This book is based on the pioneering work of John Beaulieu, internationally acclaimed author, musician and lecturer. For student, teacher, musicians, therapists and all those interested in how sound affects the mind and body.

Music and Soulmaking: Toward a New Theory of Music Therapy: by Barbara J. Crowe
This resource explores fascinating new avenues in music therapy. The author discusses connections between music therapy and theorizes that every little nuance found in nature is part of a dynamic system in motion. She also shows how everything is inter-related and addresses how music is able to touch people in a deep and consequentially healing way.This complex interaction results in what the author terms "Soulmaking", or the ability of music to heal what makes us vital, whole, alive, and balanced. Crowe draws upon her 25 years of experience as a music therapist to flesh out her theory of soulmaking, providing concrete examples of the effect music can have on a wide range of patients with diseases as varied as Alzheimer's and Down's Syndrome. She also addresses the four facets of human functioning: mind, body, emotion, and spirit and shows how music can touch them all.

The Power of Limits: by Gyorgy Doczi
One of the delights of life is the discovery and rediscovery of patterns of order and beauty in nature - the designs revealed by slicing through a head of cabbage or an orange, the forms of shells and butterfly wings.

Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles: by Freddy Silva
The most thorough exploration of the phenomena that I've ever come across, this comprehensive tome combines the research and analysis of all of the major investigators of these most enigmatic patterns. The author, Freddy Silva, lives in Wessex, the area of Southern England where 90% of the world's crop circles have appeared.

Tierlandschaften "Animal Landscapes": by Hans Jenney
An exquisite collection of 275 full-color prints of animal "portraits" by Hans Jenny. His vital, expressive technique captures the soul of the animal, while also reflecting powerful archetypes within the human psyche.

A Series of Books on Universal Patterns and Relationships, published by Wooden Books:
A wonderful introduction to sacred geometry, the intricate patterns of the planetary motions, geomysticism and esoteric wisdom, this beautiful series of nine books is published in the UK under the imprint of is published in the UK under the imprint of "Wooden Books." Released in the States as compact hardcover editions, these little gems pack an incredible amount of information into a small format with one page of text and one page of illustration per topic


NEW Hidden Worlds Cymatics: Produced for PBS, Philadelphia’s Hidden Worlds series, by John N. Campbell, this program highlights the amazing work of contemporary German Cymatics researcher, Alexander Lauterwasser, as seen in his book, Water Sound Images. This 5-minute mini-documentary shows him “animating” inert sand on a steel plate, and water in a Petri dish, using audible sound frequencies to create near perfect analogues of patterns found throughout nature––from leopard spots to tortoise shells! Watching these organic forms take shape will help you to understand the vibratory nature of matter, and the dynamics underlying the process of evolution and transformation.

Cymatics the DVD, the two films originally made by Hans Jenny which were in the videos The Healing Nature of Sound and Cymatic SoundScapes are now available on a single DVD. The stunning array of figures and flowing patterns seen in these programs portray actual physical phenomena - not computer simulations - showing the effect of sound over matter! Watch as complex and intricate forms, often resembling living organisms, arise from inert powders, pastes and liquids, solely through the influence of sound. This program includes both films on one DVD for only $30.

Of Sound Mind and Body: The most comprehensive overview of sound healing available.

Dancing with the Fire: This extraordinary video captures the magic and excitement as ordinary people prepare to step barefoot onto a path of glowing, red-hot coals.

Stairways To Heaven: The Practical Magic Of Sacred Space, by Freddy Silva. A breathtaking documentary exploring those unique places on Earth where the veil between worlds is thinnest. DVD format, 54 minutes, 1.70:1 widescreen format. Regions 1-6, NTSC format. PG rating, contains a little elegant nudity. Designed for TV. Framing will not display properly on computers. Written, directed and produced by Freddy Silva, best-selling author of Secrets In The Fields.

Therapeutic Harp 3-DVD Set: Ancient Legacy, Sound Science, Clinical Applications, by Sarajane Williams. Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy® (VAHT) works by vibrating and resonating with the tissues of the body, thereby affecting physiological processes. It also affects the mental, emotional and energetic or spiritual aspects of the individual. The harp’s wide range of frequencies and overtones are capable of vibrating the dense, physical body as well as its energetic counterpart, providing multilevel stimulation and harmonization. In this 3-DVD documentary, VAHT expert Sarjane Williams, M.A., a licensed psychologist and accomplished author, accounts the utilization of VAHT on clients with various symptoms.

Audio Tapes & CDs

Several audio cassette tapes and CDs are available: From 1993 to 1998 we produced the International Sound Colloquium, the premier event gathering researchers, musicians and health practitioners to explore the therapeutic applications of sound and music.


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