Music and Soulmaking:
Toward a New Theory of Music Therapy
by:Barbara J. Crowe

This fascinating new book explores the breadth of the evolving fields of music and sound therapy, weaving their disparate elements into a comprehensive view that is based both on the dynamics of systems theory and on her 25 years of clinical experience as a music therapist. Starting from the premise that all elements in the world and in one’s psyche, are inter-related, she shows how music, because of its complexity and its similarity in structure and dynamics to living systems, has the ability to effect us emotionally and at the deepest levels of our imagination.

This complex interaction results in what the author terms "Soulmaking", or the ability of music to bring into balance those aspects of our being that make us vibrant, whole and alive. In this extensively documented and thorough work, she provides specific examples of the effects music can have on a wide range of patients with diseases as varied as Alzheimer's and Down's Syndrome. She shows how music can strongly influence the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of human function, helping to integrate them (and thus, oneself) into a coherent whole.

Barbara J. Crowe, MT-BC, is the director of the graduate studies program in Music Therapy at Arizona State University. She is the past president of the National Association of Music Therapy, and was executive director of Rhythm for Life Project from 1992 – 1996. She has published numerous articles in music therapy and academic journals, and wrote a chapter in Don Campbell’s book, Music: Physician for Times to Come.

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