Re-Awakening the Subtle Senses Through Sound
A Multimedia/Multi-Modal Exploration
of Your Untapped Potential

With Cymatics Publisher and Researcher, Jeff Volk
and Inventor/Designer, Erik Larson

Exeter, NH

Saturday, September 17. 2005
11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mind Body Sol, Exeter, NH
Call 603-778-6850

Everything exists in a state of vibration, but these subtle oscillations are invisible and thus, often disregarded. Imagine if our senses were acute enough to perceive these underlying patterns…. The remarkable Cymatics experiments of Dr. Hans Jenny allow us to do just that, showing how audible sound creates form and structure in matter!

We'll view video excerpts of sound “animating” water, sand and powders, and compare these vibrational images with forms found in sacred geometry, mandalas and even crop circles, showing how they appear in nature and throughout the world's great artistic and architectural traditions.

During our break, participants will be able to explore this for themselves by humming or singing into a newly created instrument that makes visible the unique acoustic patterns of one’s voice (similar to those images pictured above).

These patterns and processes correlate not only to the laws of physics, but to universal principles, such as the dynamics of chaos and re-integration, which are operative at every level of creation and are constantly at play in our daily lives. We will then employ these principles to explore the dynamics of our interior worlds through Sound Journeys featuring original poetry and music, designed to harmonize our subconscious realms with the innate wisdom of our Soul. The diverse nature of these experiences allows insights to arise spontaneously from the vibrational matrix which sustains us, and all of life, in this wonderful dance of creation.

Familiarity with Cymatics and sacred geometry is helpful, but not essential. Jeff will bring an eclectic assortment of books and videos on these topics. You can also visit his website,, for further information about this program, and related events.

Jeff Volk, poet, producer, and publisher, created a series of videos on Cymatics and re-issued Dr. Hans Jenny's groundbreaking Cymatics books. His video Of Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing, won the Hartley Film Award through the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and for six years he produced the International Sound Colloquium, a conference exploring the power of sacred sound and healing music. He presents regularly throughout North America.

Erik Larson, is the founder organizer of Vermont Sustainable Resource Center, and Vice President of the Vermont Inventor’s Network. An inventor, designer and fourth generation precision machinist, he is presently refining the design of the Cymascope, a device which creates visual patterns from acoustic input.


Northampton, MA
June 25, 2005
Saturday, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.

Presentation at the Spirit and Science of Sound Conference
sponsored by NESHRI
First Churches, Northampton, MA

To See the World in a Grain of Sound…Eternity in an hour (and a half)
A whirlwind presentation with Jeff Volk and Erik Larson

Cymatic sound pattern, sand on a steel plate
From Cymatics: A Study of Wave Phenomena and Vibration by Hans Jenny.
©2001 MACROmedia Publishing. Used by permission.

William Blake’s famous couplets metaphorically describe the essence of Cymatics, the science of wave phenomena and vibration. From the time of Pythagoras, humankind’s fascination with the nature of sound has steadily expanded, resulting in increasing understanding of its fundamental role in the formation of the cosmos and everything in it.

Throughout the ages, Sound has been portrayed as the animating principle of all creation. Its components of pulse, wave, and form, underlie the trinity in all the world’s great spiritual traditions.

As with all mystical realities, this has immediate and practical applications, especially when one considers the subtle effects which vibration (thoughts, feelings, belief structures, karma) has in all areas of our lives.

The beauty of Cymatics is that it makes the invisible visible. We’ll try to do the impossible by portraying as much of this vast field as is humanly possible in the time allotted!

Participants will also have opportunity to experience an acoustic version of the CymaScope, a device which enables you to see the resonance patterns of your voice in sand spread on a vibrating membrane.

Jeff Volk is a poet, a producer and a publisher. He recently re-issued Dr. Hans Jenny's groundbreaking Cymatics books which scientifically demonstrate how audible sound creates harmonic, geometric patterns found in intricate life forms, and in the sacred art and architecture of the world's Great Traditions. He has also published a series of videos on Cymatics, and since re-publishing the books, has lectured on this topic throughout North America. In 1992, his video Of Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing, won the Hartley Film Award through the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and for the next six years he produced the International Sound Colloquium, a conference exploring the power of sacred sound and healing music.

Erik Larson is a unique mix of musician, inventor and mechanical wizard. He was ‘instrumental’ in develeping the legendary Parker guitar, and has a number of innovative electronic and technical designs to his credit. His current passion is designing and manufacturing a precision instruments to make voice patterns visible in the comfort of your own living room. He is Vice President of the Vermont Inventors Network and runs Vermont Sustainable Resource Center, a sustainable technology desing build firm in Chester, Vermont.

June 25, 2005. Saturday Special Event.

As part of the evening concert at the Spirit and Science of Sound Conference

Live Vocal Demonstration by Rebecca Wing with Cymatic Projection by Erik Larson

This will be an exciting opportunity for us to watch actual soundforms projected in real time, as vocalist Rebecca Wing sings into a custom-designed electro-acoustic instrument, the CymaScope. These are not computer generated images, but actual voice patterns revealed in sand dancing on a taught membrane in response to the tonality and
dynamics of Rebecca’s singing. These incredibly beautiful and intricate harmonic patterns will take your breath away!

Click Here to read Cymatics and The Singer by Rebecca Wing


Exeter, NH
June 9, 2005.
Thursday evening, 7:30 – 9:00 PM. $10.

This will be Jeff’s first local presentation since he moved the International Sound Colloquium from Epping to Colorado in 1997! Erik will be demonstrating a new cymatic device which makes fascinating, real-time images of your voice as you sing into it! These are not computer-generated images, rather actual vibrational patterns created by your voice as sand dancing on a vibrating membrane. Participants will have opportunity to try this themselves!

Body Mind Sol Center above Blue Moon Natural Market
8 Clifford St., Exeter, NH 03833 603-778-6850

Presented by Jeff Volk with Erik Larson.

The search for harmony is a universal human desire. Yet along the way, chaos and disorder appear unexpectedly, and in many diverse ways...a sudden illness, an accident, or the loss of a loved one. Most often we react with strong aversion, fearing a loss of self-control. Despite our discomfort with discord and disharmony, chaos appears to play an essential role in growth and evolution. Just think how much discord is involved in learning to play the violin, how much disharmony occurs as an orchestra tunes up?

The remarkable Cymatics experiments of Dr. Hans Jenny demonstrate how sound creates form and structure in matter, vividly portraying many of the universal patterns which appear in nature and throughout the world's great artistic and architectural traditions. These patterns reflect certain universal principles which underlie our lives, just as specific vibratory frequencies underlie, and determine these forms.

We'll view video excerpts of these fascinating experiments, comparing these images with forms found in sacred geometry, mandalas and even crop circles to show the universality of these processes, and how they manifest in the circumstances of our lives.

These ever-fluid Cymatics "soundforms" also demonstrate the dynamics of chaos... as the intensity of the tone rises, the old form breaks down, until suddenly a "quantum leap" occurs and a new pattern emerges, reflecting a new level of coherency and integration.

Viewing this process so objectively can radically change the way we perceive disorder, inviting us to accept disintegration as an ally instead of resisting or fearing it.

This evening's exploration offers unique insights into the structure and dynamics of the vibrational matrix which sustains us, and all of life, in this wonderful dance of creation.

Familiarity with Cymatics and sacred geometry is helpful, but not essential. Jeff will bring an eclectic assortment of books and videos on these topics.

Collaborative Presentations with John Reid in Atlanta and Santa. Fe.

This was a very special opportunity for me to host my friend and colleague from the UK, John Reid. An acoustic engineer, designer, and long-time Cymatics researcher, John was on his way to present at the Science and Consciousness conference in Santa. Fe, and he was gracious enough to add a few days to his tour to present some of his findings in Atlanta.

Click Here for John Reid Bio

This was a particularly exciting weekend for me for another reason, which I'd also like to share with you.

What I so love about the science of Cymatics is that it visually portrays vibration in action, giving us a glimpse into the infinite realms of creation. Cymatics makes perceptible to the senses certain processes and patterns that depict many of the universal principles which underlie the way things manifest, certainly in the realms of physical matter, but also in the very fabric of our lives. Being universal, these principles apply at every level of the human experience, from the physical, to the astral, mental, causal, right up to the truly mystical, or purely spiritual.

My awareness of this "unity of experience" has expanded greatly over the past nine years, as I have been studying the esoteric teachings of Light and Sound, now being made available in this country as The MasterPath. I arranged the series of presentations on Cymatics in Atlanta to coincide with a presentation given by a long-time representative of the MasterPath, Dennis Holtje.

Jeff Volk


Atlanta Georgia
April 13, 2005 Wednesday Evening 7:00 p.m.
Sound, Vibration and Creation: How Sound Animates Our World
A multimedia presentation by poet, producer, and publisher, Jeff Volk.
See the lecture flyer in pdf.

At the home of Sam Matthews,
945 Sharon Circle, Smyrna, GA 30080 770-435-4233
April 15, 2005 Friday Evening 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. $5.
Healing with Sound in Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt
With an overview of the current state-of-the art...
Presented by British Cymatic researcher and inventor, John Reid.

A wide-ranging, multi-media presentation of healing practices and rituals from Pythagoras to the Great Pyramid at Giza. John will demonstrate how sound creates dynamic patterns in sand, and will show video segments of his Cymascope, a device he invented to produce harmonic forms with sound waves and music, similar to those found throughout nature. A brief synopsis of the latest developments in Cymatherapy will also be presented.

Atlanta Unity Church 4146 Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd,
Atlanta, Georgia 30341 (770) 455-8920

April 17, 2005 Sunday Workshop 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. $90.

Cymatics: Insights into the Invisible Realms
Universal Principles Made Manifest Through Sound

Presented by John Reid and Jeff Volk, with pianist/vocalist, Rebecca Wing providing experiential sound journeys. This in-depth workshop will delve into many of the elements touched upon in the two previous presentations. John Reid will debut his CymaScope for the first time ever in the US! We'll be able to watch, in real time, as vibrating sand creates beautiful, life-like, harmonic patterns in response to

Rebecca's singing!

We expect to have a simple acoustic scope that we can all try out as well! This program will integrate the sciences of Cymatics, acoustics and physics, with the principles of complexity science and chaos theory--- in a way that brings it all back to our own daily experience. A real mind-blower!

Inman Park/L5P, Degress Hall (Stone Church)
191 Degress Avenue, Atlanta GA 30307
(Parking around corner in Inman Park MARTA station)
Pre-Registration Strongly Suggested.
Call Mandara at 404-873-2175. For last minute directions: 404-681-2819

This lovely venue (a 1907 Primitive Baptist stone church) is the perfect space for a workshop focusing on acoustics! It is located in a safe, quiet section of Inman Park, very close to the MARTA station, but if you’re driving, you’ll need to pay careful attention to the signs! Detailed directions are listed below.


Santa Fe, NM
April 27, 2005.
Wednesday evening
, 7 PM.
Open to the public free of charge.


Presented by John Reid and Jeff Volk.
John will demonstrate his new CymaScope Dodecadon !

Locked into a matrix of quartz crystals, embedded within the living stone of The Great Pyramid's sarcophagus, a series of sacred pictures held a vital message for mankind. The sarcophagus had waited patiently, for over a thousand years, whilst countless visitors touched its smooth, cold, exterior and wondered what secrets it held. A few, like Napoleon Bonaparte, even slept in the 3-ton granite box, but its secrets would only be revealed to one who had the key to open its lock.

That person was John Reid and the 'key' was not conventional but a spectrum of sound frequencies. Now, for the first time before an American audience, Reid will reveal its secrets. Once seen, the sacred pictures, formed in sand, sprinkled on a membrane, will forever change your view of the ancient Egyptians and their ability to heal using sound. John has teamed up with Jeff Volk to bring us this extraordinary true life story. Jeff will set the stage, showing the work of Hans Jenny, the Swiss scientist who inspired Reid's research,and discussing some of the broader implications of these phenomena. Then, step by step, John will take us through his own ground-breaking research, culminating in an actual demonstration of his CymaScope, the machine with which he is able to make sound patterns visible.

There will be an eclectic selection of books, videos and articles available for purchase at this event.

The Awakening Museum, 125 North Guadalupe, Santa Fe, NM 87501 (Located at the corner of Guadalupe & Johnson Streets, 1 block west of the Georgia O'Keeffe museum.).
For info.: 505-989-7636 or



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