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You've never seen sounds like these before!*
Caution: Viewing this remarkable scientific artistry can profoundly alter the way you view your world!

Because there have been so many advances in the field of Cymatics since we released these programs as videos in the early 80's, I have discontinued the Healing Nature of Sound program. The interview and demonstration segments are very outdated, and we would rather provide more contemporary information. (See Hidden World: Cymatics for more current Cymatics research, and Of Sound Mind & Body, below, for an overview of Sound Therapies.)

The two original Hans Jenny films that were on The Healing Nature of Sound and Cymatic SoundScapes videos, have been released as a single DVD.  This program includes both films for only $30, and it provides a dynamic synopsis of Jenny’s 14 years of Cymatics experiments, as portrayed through still images in his two-volume book, Cymatics.

Also on DVD is our award-winning program Of Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing. Aside from being the most comprehensive overview of sound healing available, this program has a very concise (6 1/2 minute) chapter on Cymatics that serves as an excellent introduction to the field, as well as being a wonderful presentation piece. It shows some of the most exciting images from the original films, plus some material we shot in Switzerland. This segment takes the viewer from the formation of the cosmos (Cymatics images with voiceover of interview with Deepak Chopra, through the vibrational effects of music (with composer, Kay Gardner), to the societal ramifications of no longer having participatory vocal music or chanting as a central aspect of our culture (Jill Purce), and closes with biologist Rupert Sheldrake describing how we are composed of “nested hierarchies of vibration within vibration within the body.”

This segment is lavishly illustrated with a wide variety of Cymatics images, as well as the striking imagery of wave forms in nature shot by the award-winning cinematographer, David Fortney. Of course, it can't show as many Cymatics images as the original Jenny films which document years of his experiments, but this is a very well produced segment, and the whole program (72 minutes) won the Hartley Film Award from the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

If you wish to explore Cymatics more deeply, we have republished the two volumes of Dr. Jenny’s books, in a single hardcover edition. Cymatics: A Study of Wave Phenomena and Vibration, documents over 14 years of experimentation with hundreds of photos.

Our most recent Cymatics publication is a striking book, entitled Water Sound Images, documenting entirely new experiments with amazing photographs by contemporary German researcher, Alexander Lauterwasser. This 176-page hardcover edition features hundreds of color photos, presenting the art, science and mystical side of Cymatics.

You can also witness Lauterwasser using audible sound frequencies to “animate” inert sand on a steel plate, and water in a Petri dish, to create near perfect analogues of patterns found throughout nature– from leopard spots to tortoise shells! This 5-minute, mini-documentary, Hidden World: Cymatics takes you into his laboratory to glimpse the method behind the magic, and then explains how these dynamic patterns represent fundamental principles that underlie ancient spiritual wisdom, such as the Taoist concept of yin/yang.

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