A Study of Wave Phenomena
by: Hans Jenny

Newly revised edition coming soon!
Scheduled Release, Thanksgiving, 2022

For decades, students of Sacred Geometry, Mandalas, New Science, Metaphysics, Sound Healing and even Crop Circles have coveted these hard-to-find volumes.

Newly Republished Deluxe Edition contains both volumes of Dr. Jenny's groundbreaking books which vividly depict how audible sound structures matter. 312 pages with over 350 photos, including 16 full-page color images! New Introduction by Christiaan Stuten who assisted Dr. Jenny for 14 years, photographing many of the fascinating images portrayed in this book.

New - Commentary on Cymatics by John Beaulieu, ND, Ph.D., author of Music and Sound in the Healing Arts. This commentary offers insights into Dr. Jenny's approach helping "right brain dominant" readers be less intimidated by the meticulous science presented in these experiments. (Just looking at the pictures and reading a few captions will provide ample insights!)

This comprehensive edition portrays fascinating experiments using audible sound to excite powders, pastes and liquids into life-like, flowing forms. The stunning array of images reflects a variety of patterns found throughout nature, art and architecture.

Cymatics, the study of wave phenomena, was pioneered by Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist, Hans Jenny (1904-1972). This revised edition contains the complete English language text of thebilingual edition published in 1967, Kymatic/Cymatics, as well as the entire text from Cymatics, Vol. II, published in 1972. It also includes all of the photographs from the original editions which illustrate these amazing phenomena in vivid detail.

Dr. Jenny's cymatic images are truly awe-inspiring, not only for their visual beauty in portraying the inherent responsiveness of matter to sound (vibration) but because they inspire a deep recognition that we, too, are part and parcel of this same complex and intricate vibrational matrix - the music of the spheres! These pages illumine the very principles which inspired the ancient Greek philosophers Heraclitus, Pythagoras and Plato, and cosmologists Giordano Bruno and Johannes Kepler.

About the Author

Hans Jenny was a Renaissance man - medical doctor, painter, pianist, scientist and researcher - whose grasp of the history of science and philosophy gave him a vast perspective. He taught science at the Rudolf Steiner School in Zurich before beginning his practice as a family physician in Dornach, and was a life-long student of Anthroposophy.

As a natural scientist, Dr. Jenny explored the diversity of life forms, always with an eye toward the wholeness of nature. His insight into unseen forces of nature lay in his ability to perceive the distinctive characteristics of the individual as well as it's archetypal form, while never loosing sight of the wholeness of the system which gives rise to both! Firmly rooted in phenomenology, he was, at the same time, on the leading edge of "systems thinking."

For Jenny, Cymatics was no mere philosophical conjecture, but a way of life, or perhaps, a way into life. He was a true mystic, a seeker into the infinitude of Nature, questing for the realization of what it is to be truly human.

Title: Cymatics
Author: Hans Jenny
ISBN: 1-888-13807-6
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