Secrets in the Fields
The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles
by Freddy Silva

The most thorough exploration of the phenomena that I've ever come across, this comprehensive tome combines the research and analysis of all of the major investigators of these most enigmatic patterns. The author, Freddy Silva, lives in Wessex, the area of Southern England where 90% of the world's crop circles have appeared. He has spent 20 years consolidating, cataloguing, and analyzing many aspects of these often complex and intricate designs. Having sifted through volumes of speculation and misinformation, he outlines the long history of the phenomenon, with documented records dating back hundreds of years, highlighting their association with megalithic and other ancient sacred sites and earth energy lines.

Chapters focus on the metaphysical implications of the various symbols incorporated in these glyphs, and the analysis of complex mathematical formulae which these images exhibit. He offers a detailed explanation of how light, sound and electromagnetic waves, all of which have consistently been reported as being associated with the formation of genuine crop circles, may be combined to create these elaborate and intricately patterned formations.

The beauty of these patterns is greatly enhanced as you gain a deeper understanding of the many levels of meaning encoded into their geometry. The similarity to some of the harmonic patterns created in Hans Jenny's Cymatic experiments is noted throughout the book, and lends another level of credence to the theory that wave formations play a major role in their creation. Now, the big question remains...Who is doing all this? I guess for that, we'll have to wait for the movie....

Format: paperback, 332 pages, hundreds photographs, $24.00


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